custom web design

Website design and branding for small business owners. Lift your business image with a distinctively crafted website from One Tree Hill. A website that is strategic and thoughtfully created, one that resonates with your audience. A website that incorporates all the hand-made touches that will set it apart from your competition. A website that you will love and be proud of…

the process

01. The Questionnaire
To start I will send you a New Client Questionnaire form and once received then I’ll be in touch to chat further about your project. This form gives me the opportunity to get to know your business a little more, what services or products you offer, who your perfect customer is and what goals you would like to achieve for your project.
02. The Moodboard
Once I have your Questionnaire in hand, I can get a better idea of what you are looking to achieve and I use your responses for creating a ‘moodboard’ for your project. I will gather colour palettes, images and elements to mix together to develop of look for your website and branding.
03.Design Stage
Once I have a feel for what you want I will start developing concepts to show you. We can workshop, refine and perfect the ideas to focus in on which direction you really like until we come up with the final look for your branding or website. When designing a website, it is always handy to have some content available to work in with the initial designs so we can see how they will work with the concepts. So if you have images and content to share at this stage, send them on through.
04. Development
Once we have refined and perfected your design, it is time to develop the website or branding package. This is when everything comes to life. For branding, we can now create your business cards, wrapping, stickers, stationary and other collateral pieces for your business. For website design, this is the final step in the process to creating your online presence. We will need all your content including copy, images, pricing etc to help us complete the project, ready to launch!

previous work

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